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To celebrate 2010 being ‘International Year for Biological Diversity’ An Taisce has just published a 16 page booklet about biodiversity and ecosystem services in Ireland called ‘Nature’s Way’.  The booklet is bursting with fun illustrations and cartoons by Cartoon Saloon, who earlier this year were nominated for an Oscar for their animated film ‘The Book of Kells’.

The book asks, and explains in simple terms, how bogs protect us from flooding and how we need to protect our bogs (from us) to make sure that they keep protecting us from flooding.  It looks at how good water quality in our rivers is needed to have lots of fish in our rivers again.  Find out about Ireland’s longest living animal and what action needs to be taken to prevent its’ extinction. 

The booklet explains how hedges support bats which keep midges at bay.  More beautiful illustrations suggest ways for us to become active citizens for biodiversity and some ways in which we can reduce our impacts on the natural world.  With contacts, references, and suggestions for further reading, we encourage you to use this fun and colourful booklet as a first step to find out more about ecosystems services in Ireland and spread the message widely: circulate it as much as you can! 

Download the booklet from their website:

If you would like hard copies please contact Anja in An Taisce’s Natural Environment Office –