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The Irish Sports Council invites adventure activities providers to give their feedback on safety and standards in the adventure activities sector, and the development of a register of adventure activity providers.  

This consultation process provides an opportunity for the adventure activities sector to consider and comment on the means by which current good practice in the sector might be consistently achieved, to support the safe and sustainable commercial provision of higher risk adventure activities.

The consultation process includes a series of six meetings with adventure activity providers, as well as the opportunity for written submissions. They will be of interest primarily to commercial adventure activity providers but also to adventure activity instructors. The meetings will take place in Dublin, Galway, Sligo, Monaghan, Macroom and Carlow and will provide an opportunity for collaboration and feedback on shaping future safety standards within the sector.

Michael Ring T.D., Minister of State for Sport and Tourism “Last year, I asked the Irish Sports Council to examine the issues associated with safety and standards in the adventure activities sector, and the development of a register of adventure activity providers. Stakeholder consultation is an integral part of the process which will enable the Council to consider a wide range of views and take account of them in whatever proposals emerge”

The Irish Sports council also welcome written submissions about how current good practice in the safe commercial provision of higher risk adventure activities might be supported through legislation. Submissions can be sent up until 9th May to:


Post: Adventure Consultation, Irish Sports Council, Top Floor, Block A, Westend Office Park, Blanchardstown, Dublin 15

John Treacy CEO, Irish Sports Council “I invite providers of adventure activities to attend one of the consultation meetings to discuss safeguarding, strengthening and promoting good safety practice within the adventure sector, or to make a written submission to the Council. This information will greatly assist the Council in developing a sensible and proportionate framework to address safety and standards. ”

Consultation Meetings

Dates of the Consultation meetings are as follows:




Four Seasons Hotel, Monaghan

Tuesday, May 6th

11 am – 1pm

Glasshouse Hotel, Sligo

Tuesday, May 6th

6pm – 8pm

Maldron Hotel, Oranmore, Co. Galway

Wednesday, May 7th

11am – 1pm

Castle Hotel, Macroom, Co. Cork

Wednesday, May 7th

6pm – 8pm

Ashling Hotel, Parkgate St, Dublin 8

Friday, May 9th

10am – 12 noon

Seven Oaks Hotel, Carlow

Friday, May 9th

3pm – 5pm