Sign Up To Outdoor Classroom Day In Ireland and Get Children Outdoors to Play and Learn

Leave No Trace Ireland are delighted to officially support the delivery of Outdoor Classroom Day across Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland (ROI).
The international initiative, led by Learning through Landscapes in the UK and Republic of Ireland and globally by Project Dirt, is returning this November – and this time they plan to make it bigger and better than ever before.It follows on from a record year with nearly 350,000 children taking part in the UK and 1,679,307 globally, where schools took their lessons outdoors and prioritised playtime. 

As an organisation dedicated to getting more people enjoying the outdoors responsibly, Leave No Trace Ireland will help spread the word about Outdoor Classroom Day, supporting the promotion of the nationwide campaign across the island of Ireland.
We are now calling on supporters, trainers, members and stakeholders to – both in and out of school – join the movement by signing up to get children outdoors this November 1st.

Maura Lyons, CEO of Leave No Trace Ireland, said: “We are so thrilled to be supporting Outdoor Classroom Day here in Ireland. 
“We know that outdoor learning and play is crucial to a child’s development, health and wellbeing: it increases social skills, imagination, engagement with learning, concentration and behaviour, whilst giving children the opportunity to connect with nature and get away from the computer screen.
“This is a campaign that we wholeheartedly back and truly embodies our ethos. We can’t wait to help promote the campaign across our audiences and make sure this is the biggest Outdoor Classroom Day yet.”

Speaking of Leave No Trace Ireland’s support of the campaign, Carley Sefton – CEO of Learning through Landscapes – said: “It’s brilliant to have influential organisations such as Leave No Trace Ireland on board to help spread the message of Outdoor Classroom Day on a mass scale.
It is vital that fellow environmentally focussed organisations continue to collaborate in this way so that we can reach more and more people and encourage them to get outdoors and nurture nature.

“We are very thankful to Leave No Trace Ireland for getting involved and supporting this fantastic campaign in Ireland.”
There are a whole host of resources to help keep your Outdoor Classroom Day engaging, easy to plan and above all, fun. You can find them on the Outdoor Classroom Day website here.

The campaign invites people to register and simply go outdoors on a day that suits them. Parents and supporters can also sign up to show their support and to get more information about how they can help make outdoor play and learning part of every day for every child.
Parents and teachers can sign up today by visiting: