Practicing Leave No Trace in the Dublin Mountains

The Dublin Mountains Partnership is one of the partners of Leave No Trace Ireland.  All the new recreation signage erected in the mountains promotes Leave No Trace, with the trailhead signs explaining the seven principles of Leave No Trace.  All seven principles are significant in managing recreation in the Dublin Mountains.

At the beginning of June, the Dublin Mountains Partnership, launched a volunteer ranger service.  Twelve volunteers from the local and outdoor communities were recruited and have undergone training, including a full day Leave No Trace awareness session.  The volunteer ranger ‘uniform’ – a green fleece with the DMP logo, also has the Leave No Trace Ireland logo on the sleeve.  Their main role is in assisting visitors to the DMP area and promoting responsible use of the forest and mountain recreation areas.  All the volunteer rangers found the Leave No Trace awareness day very interesting on a personal level, and as an excellent way to educate the public to respect the environment and protect it.  The guiding principles and attitude behind Leave No Trace form the background to how they want the volunteer rangers to approach all situations they encounter in the mountains.  The volunteer rangers have been getting a great response from the public they meet and many are impressed with the Leave No Trace message and how it is promoted.