NEW Guidelines on 'How to deliver an Awareness Session'

As the number of Trainers and Master Educators offering Leave No Trace Awareness Sessions and the number of organisations requesting such sessions increase, the need to develop guidelines for those conducting one day or shorter sessions has become apparent in order to keep the delivery consistent.

Top tips from the guidelines include:
Resources - It is strongly encouraged that Leave No Trace materials be used in all training activities. Materials can be requested from Leave No Trace Ireland.
Delivery - Awareness Sessions can vary in length from 30 minutes to a full day but all sessions should cover the principles and the ethics and mission of Leave No Trace Ireland.
Reporting - In order for Leave No Trace Ireland to accurately track the number of individuals being exposed to the message of Leave No Trace, it is important that they are made aware of all Awareness Sessions that are taking place.
Completion – those who complete a Leave No Trace Awareness Session are equipped to understand, promote and share information on Leave No Trace.

These guidelines are available on the ‘Trainers Only’ section of the forum on or can be requested from