Lesson Plans for Outdoor Classroom Day

Leave No Trace Ireland are delighted to be supporting this Novembers Outdoor Classroom Day in Ireland. The international initiative acts as a catalyst to inspire more time outdoors on a daily basis: both at school and at home. The initiative started in 2012 with a hand full of schools involved but has now become a worldwide movement with over 2 million people signed up for the 2018 campaign already.
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We don’t want to add to your work load as we know everyone is busy, so we have some great lesson plans that cover aspects of the curriculum that you can download & use.
And of course don’t forget the 7 principles of Leave No Trace. Some of the lesson plans below teach them or perhaps you have some more ideas that you could share with us.

Geography/Science: Dirty Hands
 Explore natural materials and understand their role in the natural environment

Science: Invertebrates investigates
This outdoor lesson gets pupils to come up with questions about invertebrates in their local area before planning an investigation to find the answer.

Mathematics: Outdoor Symmetry
Pupils can create large scale “math attack” symmetrical pictures using themselves or different materials; scrap, natural items, sticks, cones shells… you name it. 

Expressive Art: Hapa-Zome
Help your pupils unleash their creative side through expressive arts and the Japanese Hapa-Zome.
This easy to teach outdoor lesson involves one simple thing: smashing up plants to release their natural pigment into cloth. 

Geography/Science: Habitat Hunt
Understand habitats and what they provide to the species that live there. Understand why it is important to respect farm animals and wildlife in the natural environment and how we can interact safely with them

Science/Environmental Awareness: The Breakdown Game
Explore how long rubbish and litter take to breakdown through a visual and hands-on activity. Understand the impacts that litter can have on our natural environment and identify what we can do to ensure we leave no trace in the outdoors

Geography: Making your own Map
It’s not just uncharted territories that need exploring. Some simple steps can get budding cartographers outside discovering their local area

Geography/Science: Footsteps Experiment
Gain an understanding of the importance of soil and vegetation to biodiversity and understand why we should conserve it. Develop scientific investigative skills; predicting, observing, analysing and presenting findings/results. 

Science/Personal Dev/Teamwork: Double Bubble
Take a break from wrapping kids in cotton wool and stick them in a bubble instead!

You can find more Leave No Trace lesson plans for primary schools here.
If you have more suggestions for Outdoor Classroom Day or Leave No Trace lessons, please pass them on so we can share them around. Send them to us at info@leavenotraceireland.org.