It's festival time and we are asking everyone to LEAVE NO TRACE!

If you are traveling to a festival this weekend, we are asking you to be a conscious festival goer by maintaining awareness throughout the event about your impact to our beautiful countryside; 

Leave No Trace themed festivals always leave the environment in as good if not better condition than you found it. Follow the tips below: 

  • Use your own water bottle. There are usually water Stations onsite. 
  • Using your own reusable bowl, plate, cup & utensils 
  • Use the bins provided and do not throw rubbish on the ground
  • Bring your belongings home with me again, including the tent and camping equipment.
  • Bag up all rubbish and use the recycling pens and bins in your campsite.
  • Making an impact through expanding eco-awareness of Leave No Trace!

Education on leave no trace outdoor ethics benefits everyone. We encourage festival goers to pack responsibly for your festival. Do not bring items that will end up in a landfill or that you will not want to take back home again. Remember to pack light, reuse and recycle. Leave No Trace Ireland aims to set a standard in eco-festivals by having a significant influence on the thought process of people from all backgrounds and places of the world as well as by developing a functional model based on sustainability and community.