IMPRINT+ A Tool to Lower your Environmental Footprint

Think Globally – Act Locally – Change Individually

IMPRINT+ is an international project that aims to highlight the amount of natural resources we use in our daily lives. Through education, action and entrepreneurship it empowers young European citizens and communities to restore and conserve their local natural resources.

A European partnership, led by the University of Aveiro in cooperation with the Municipality of Lousada (Portugal), aims to encourage green thinking and how to reduce our ecological footprint. The project and its activities are co-financed by the Erasmus+ European Funding Programme and are implemented in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland and Austria. Local authority representatives, project stakeholders, teachers and students from Portugal, Spain, Italy and Ireland have come together to pilot the IMPRINT+ Programme. The programme will share knowledge and best practices amongst communities to help solve local environmental problems through training, tutorials and actions.

Participation with IMPRINT+ is free. It can be done as an individual or a group. For educators and teachers there are useful additional resources available online. The pilot programme which took place in Portugal, saw the delivery of the Trainer Course and activities with secondary school students. The five day certified course enabled teachers and educators to learn about lowering and offsetting environmental footprint, sustainability and how to restore and conserve local natural resources. The course utilises both classroom and outdoor environments with the aid of the IMPRINT+ App. It has been tailored specifically for each of the IMPRINT+ partners taking into consideration their regional contexts. The IMPRINT+ App provides a platform for individuals and groups to learn, act on and connect with environmental issues.

The IMPRINT+ App has been developed for both desktop and mobile devices which allows people to participate wherever they are. It allows users to connect through the medium of interactive games and competitions. Within the App there is the IMPRINT+ Converter. This is a tool specifically designed to help people to improve their personal ecological footprint by converting everyday actions into positive environmental actions. It also uses features REPORT, OFFSET ACTIONS and ACTIVITIES which share your actions with the online community and allows you see what other users are doing.

Although IMPRINT+ has begun with schools and educational groups, it can be adapted to any community group or individual. Through collective efforts, local communities can derive many benefits to their natural resources. By minimising negative day to day actions and offsetting the impacts, habitats, species and the environment will be preserved so that future generations can enjoy these resources.

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