Environmental Education Ireland are delighted to host the third Festival of Outdoor Learning on April 22nd and 23rd, 2017 in the stunning Kerry Mountains

It probably won’t change your life... We're even fairly sure it won’t be a turning point in your career...

However if you feel like a weekend full of interesting workshops where you can learn new skills and meet like-minded people, it’s just the thing!

The festival will bring together educators, teachers and outdoor professionals from a range of areas and disciplines, in order to learn from each other, share ideas and potentially even collaborate in the future. 

Many educators work alone on independent projects and it can be challenging to maintain enthusiasm for work at times. And teaching outdoors can sometimes be a real challenge, especially with larger groups or during a long Irish winter. 

The Festival of Outdoor Learning is an opportunity to energise and enrich your work with wild new ideas and crazy ninja like skills! Soon you will be teaching people without them even knowing it!

Disclaimer: Ninja-like skills not guaranteed. 

How to Book:
please follow this link, download the booking form and send to environmentaledireland@gmail.com