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River Explorers Programme

This project “River Explorers” will focus on waterways across Ireland to increase awareness of the biodiversity, heritage and history.

Waterways are places of environmental, cultural, historical and educational importance to be enjoyed by those who live, work and play in this vast outdoor space. Through outdoor and hands on learning, skills training, resource development and raising public awareness, the programme will offer exciting and innovative learning approaches for primary schools. Creating positive memories, healthy lifestyles, and physical well-being as well as paving the way for creating opportunities for caring for our natural heritage are all integral facets of a project that has sustainability at its core. This project will empower primary school students to connect with their natural environment and enjoy their natural heritage responsibly and ethically.

This project aims to engage local primary school children (5th & 6th class) to take pride in their local waterways. The learning objectives include raising awareness and educating them on the environmental impacts within their local rivers and how they can minimise these impacts and take action to keep their local rivers clean. In essence they are being taught to "Use Waterways Responsibly".

Leave No Trace Ireland will work to efficiently and effectively deliver this project in partnership with Waterways Ireland. “River Explorers” will also compliment the work of the Blueways being developed by Waterways Ireland and Local Authorities across Ireland.

Main objectives:

•             Increased understanding and respect of natural heritage.

•             Increased awareness of River Biodiversity for young people in Carlow.

•             Heritage will be better identified and recorded.

•             Increased sense of stewardship for the natural heritage of the local waterway.

•             Increased awareness about how to use Rivers responsibly and morally.

•             Increased teacher skills.


This project aims to engage 5th & 6th Class students. The development of online resources and training will inspire many more indirect beneficiaries beyond the life of the project.

Sunday, 1 September, 2019