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Leave No Trace Bio Diversity Training for Tidy Towns Groups

Leave No Trace Ireland recognise that community groups across Ireland are putting in tremendous efforts to promote the ethos of “Leave No Trace” and responsible outdoor recreation in their local community. This year, we are acknowledging these efforts by hosting a new Leave No Trace Biodiversity Training workshop in Co. Mayo.

Course Aims
• To improve recognition of biodiversity in communities in Mayo.
• To examine local outdoor sites and environmental impacts – what might live here and how might communities protect these areas
• To give groups an introductory insight into history and management of outdoor site locally – why are woods/rivers/seas like this and how could we manage them?
• To consider different uses of outdoor spaces and conflicting demands – conservation, landscape, public access and amenity, forestry, wood products, recreation and shooting.
• To equip local groups to make decisions about the protection of their local areas where they recreate (themes include invasive species, access, vegetation, dogs, graffiti, litter etc.)

Saturday, 25 May, 2019