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Atlantic Youth Ambassador Summer School

All-Atlantic Ocean Youth Ambassadors Summer School

Marine Institute, Galway, Ireland

23 – 27 August 2019


Leave No Trace are proud to be involved in this amazing programme this year. 

All-Atlantic Ocean Youth Ambassadors are dedicated individuals who promote sustainable development and stewardship of the Atlantic Ocean. Ambassadors will develop campaigns and reach out to local communities, students and civil society, engage decision makers as well as work with local media to conserve and protect the Atlantic Ocean for future generations.  In the development of online or local campaigns and events, Ambassadors will be supported by All-Atlantic research and innovation projects.

The All-Atlantic Ocean Youth Ambassadors will take part in the Summer School where they will engage with political, social, economic and scientific leaders to develop the necessary skills to become actors for change in 2019 and beyond. The first goal of the Ambassadors will be to campaign and drive change in their own communities. Successful campaigns will be presented in early 2020 in Brussels at the All-Atlantic Forum.

The All-Atlantic Ocean Youth Ambassador Programme is being developed under the framework of the Galway and Belém Statements to promote All-Atlantic research and innovation cooperation. The Summer School is supported by AORAC-SA and AANChOR. Participating project partners are responsible for the continuous coaching of the Youth Ambassadors, and for ensuring their full embeddedness with the activities of the All Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance. 

Saturday, 24 August, 2019 to Sunday, 25 August, 2019