EAG Group

The Education and Advisory group has been set up to enhance the organisation’s objectives through research, education and memberships. 

The aim of the Leave No Trace Ireland EAG Group is to establish and co-ordinate a continuous stream of education and guidelines on training to provide relevant and up-to-date social and environmental knowledge to underpin the Leave No Trace educational message in Ireland.

Members of the EAG group are drawn from different backgrounds and they put all their expertise to play in helping and supporting Leave No Trace Ireland in achieving its aims.

Some examples of the EAG group work include:

  • Publication of 101 ways to teach Leave No Trace Ireland
  • Custom Educational Leave No Trace Ireland training courses.
  • Training Guidelines

The current EAG members are:

Tomas Aylward

Alan Fairweather

Sophie Price

Aodhnait Carroll *(Chairperson of EAG)

Darach O'Murchu

Aoife Flynn

Terrance Glancy

Kieran McKevitt * (Secretary of EAG)

Manus Tiernan  

Pauline Jordan

Stephen Millar

Vincent McAlinden


You can read more about the goals our EAG group in the Strategic Plan here: